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Manuka Honey MGO vs UMF™ Calculator

Use our free UMF-MGO calculator to compare UMF and MGO manuka honey.

Convert Manuka Honey UMF to MGO

Enter a manuka honey UMF rating.
Press the> ‘Convert to MGO’ button to see the equivalent MGO content (mg/kg). UMF

Enter a manuka honey MGO rating in mg/kg or ppm.
Press the ‘Convert to UMF’ button to see the equivalent UMF rating based on non-peroxide activity.

UMF 5+: At the start of the spectrum, UMF™ 5+ is great for daily or regular consumption for both children and adults.
natural energy boost, it has a relatively mild flavor, so is easy to add to other foods for a little extra sweetness.
UMF 10+: offers extra MGO kick for mixing into foods, making your own wellness masks at home, simply consuming from the spoon, or adding it to your morning rituals. This is our most popular grading, loved by families and young adults.
UMF 15+: The start of the premium grades, UMF™ 15+ is the first step up for people wanting to do more with Manuka than just eat it. This is popular for Families, young professionals and people who want healthier Gut, Prevent Acne or scars, and apply on wounds.
Whether you want a strong dietary supplement or milder support agent, UMF™ 15+ is a very good option.
UMF 20+: Getting into the more
potent gradings, UMF™ 20+ is almost the strongest on the market and gives you a big boost of MGO. The higher the UMF marker means it’s popular with people especially seeking out serious health benefits from honey.
UMF RatingMGO*
UMF 5+ 83
UMF 10+263
UMF 12+356
UMF 15+514
UMF 18+696
UMF 20+829
* MGO is measured as methylglyoxal mg/kg (ppm)
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