To us quality is paramount, and we intend to
remain at the top of quality assurance in the New
Zealand honey industry.

Forest Gold Honey Ltd. UMF® New Zealand Manuka Honey Product Range

“From the forest to the shelf, we protect our honey with love and care.
At every step of the journey it remains as pure and natural
as it is in the hive.”


We offer a guarantee of quality on all Forest Gold Honey
products. Our extraction and packaging facility utilizes
the latest in technology and operates under the highest
quality standards, guidelines and procedures.

The Forest Gold Story

The Forest Gold story is a journey that began many years ago
when people from different backgrounds with diverse skills
came together to build something unique - a small village
of people, working together to meet the needs of all. The
beautiful Haupiri River Valley is now home to our children
and families. When we first came to this remote wilderness
we stumbled across the unique honey this isolated region
could provide and for many years enjoyed the amazing
health benefits this honey had to offer. Realizing just how
special this honey was we started sharing this with our
friends and neighbors. Once word got out it wasn’t long
before our honey was being sold locally, nationally and now
around the world.