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The Forest Gold Story is a journey of pure discovery.  Over 45 years ago a diverse group of people, with different backgrounds and skills, combined their expertise to build something unique.  From this a small community of likeminded people, we created a home for our children and families in the beautiful Haupiri River Valley. We soon discovered in this remote and untouched wilderness, the unique honey this New Zealand region could provide, and for many years enjoyed the amazing health benefits this incredible product had to offer.  Realising just how special this honey was we started sharing this with our friends and neighbours. Once word got out it wasn’t long before honey was being sold locally, nationally and now around the world.


At Forest Gold Honey, our team is our family, equipped with exceptional skills, vision and diverse backgrounds. Our business is built on principles of trust, friendship, honesty and integrity, the traditional values that are part of our heritage.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. We like to bring innovation and creativity to this sector, continually developing and testing new products that will promote health and well-being.  As well as motivated by a care for people, especially for our children as they are the future.

Working together for the good of others to achieve and exceptional result.

As a result of all our principles, we can quickly adapt to meet market changes, develop products according to the demand. We are also able to meet demands at a large scale and respond quickly to rigid time frames but at the same time we value and care for our smaller customers and operators to meet their needs for without them we would not be where we are today.

We take the same approach in the care and nurturing of our bees, and honey products.  We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. We like to bring innovation and creativity to this sector, continually developing and testing new products that will promote health and well-being.


Much like the worker bee, our beekeepers serve not only as skilled experts in harvesting the golden forest honey, but also tends to each hive, nursing and guarding the apiary.

Although they have worked with honey bees for well over 35 years, each day is one of discovery and intrigue, learning and preserving the secrets of harvesting honey.  Inspired by our skilful bees, we pass our knowledge and craft from one generation to the next with an appreciation, respect and care for the wonders of Nature.

Sometimes it is good to limit the human touch, therefore we focus to produce and harvest the finest quality honey, with as little change from the source to the jar as possible.

With our diverse landscape and topiaries, we are able to produce a refined selection of honey variations.  Each batch is unique, due to the native flora and the seasons that the honey was produced.

We guarantee quality by beeing involved at every step of the process from the
Forest to the shelf

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